Tuesday, April 21, 2015

FREE 30 Day Abs Challenge

Join my May 30 Day Abs Challenge
We wanted to create a fun event! It will begin May 1st and go 30 days to the abs we all dream of. 
Add yourself to the group

With a clean diet and additional exercise you can begin your journey to losing weight and getting a stronger core. 

We would LOVE for everyone to post their comments of completion, or post pictures or a video of parts of their workout or the whole workout, to the wall to help keep everyone motivated and to also try and hold everyone accountable.

We can't come to everyone's home to make you do these so we all are going to have to work together to try and complete this entire challenge. Remember your "Why" Why you decided to take on this challenge.

Good luck and here's to everyone killing this month long challenge!!! No negativity!!

Check out my fitness page for recipes and fitness tips:

You can do this anywhere at your own convenience. You can do this each days challenge once a day! If you need to break each days challenge up, do half in the morning and half in the evening.

Believe in yourself, you can do this! If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! Always drink lots of water to stay hydrated!

Here are the videos of each exercise, please click on each link...

How to do a plank correctly (planks are done in seconds, for example Day 1 is a 10 second plank)

How to do a sit up correctly: http://youtu.be/1fbU_MkV7NE

How to do crunches correctly: http://youtu.be/Xyd_fa5zoEU

How to do leg raises correctly: http://youtu.be/JB2oyawG9KI

Stephanie Lane

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