Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why Wait?

Seriously, please think about this and realize what is happening around you <3

I was talking at lunch with top ten coaches about how cynical friends and family can be about your prospects of success as a Team Beachbody coach - EVEN WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL!

"So now that you're so successful as a coach, do you think you can turn that into a real job?"

If I can suggest a perspective: Imagine how dumb Steve Jobs and Bill Gates looked when they talked about revolutionizing technology with "the personal computer". It was strange because the opportunity hadn't been defined yet in any context. "What? Personal computers? Who needs that? Computers are provided at work. That's just stupid."

Or imagine Henry Ford, telling people he was going to build a company that would make the automobile affordable so every person could get one. "What? Why does every man need an automobile? People already have horses or they live in cities. Hogwash Mr. Ford! Poppycock!"

Copy and print this post so you can refer back to it in 10 years, when you are a multi-millionaire who saw the writing on the wall:

(1) The obesity trend is making people sick, and people don't like being sick. That's opportunity.

(2) It is more convenient to workout at home than anywhere else. That's opportunity.

(3) The more people who feel how much energy they get, how *regular* they can be, and how much easier it is to lose weight when they provide their body with dense whole-ingredient nutrition (like in Shakeology), the more OTHER people will want to feel that way. That's opportunity.

(4) As the gap between the rich and the poor widens, more people will decide to take advantage of the vast wealth-creating opportunity of 1+2+3, because this is a problem that is not isolated. Obesity and inactivity touches every part of life. And we've created an opportunity that virtually anyone willing to work can afford.

And within a few years, all that opportunity, will seem like it was so obvious.

And that's the point. It is an opportunity NOW - BECAUSE it's not obvious. THANK your parents for doubting it will work. That's a clue. Because if you do your homework (like, really study to see what it takes to be a great coach and whether there really is a viable business model here that truly delivers value to customers) you'll see the opportunity, and that the only things standing in the way of your success is the degree to which you work, and your patience with the results. It's not quick, because it's not common and people are still coming around to understanding it. Currently, this opportunity unfortunately only lands in some unfortunate buckets: "You mean a pyramid scheme?" "I've tried those protein shakes before and they don't do anything you can't get from real food."

So we're going to define our own bucket. Just like Steve Jobs. Just like Bill Gates. Just like Henry Ford.

I am absolutely, 100% certain that in the next few years, what we do at Team Beachbody, and how we do it, will be as common and expected as having a dentist or a doctor. As of 2012, there were almost a million active doctors in North America. How often do you see a doctor?
Still wondering whether helping people get healthy and fit by helping them decide on the right fitness and nutrition program for their goals and then helping them stay accountable is really an opportunity?

I don't wonder. I KNOW IT'S A MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY. I'm watching it happen in the hands of leaders. We need more leaders. If you are willing to work to redefine an industry, there's already proof someone who truly engages can be successful. That part is up to you.

-Carl Daikeler


The time is now friends. You can start today <3

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